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September 02, 2009



wow, that was not something i expected from a pastor, but you know this is America so why beign surprised, well, in a way it is but, you ge the point, a lot of christian "branches" and all that, so yeah it is good to know though, thanks for the info, :)

Libbi Esquilin

It does not surprise me, the enemy will allways try to give us a bad reputation. May the Lord have mercy on him.

Todd Tyszka

This guy is sick. I emailed him back when he pulled the stunt with Border Patrol, resisted arrest, got Tazered, then cried about it in court. Now he says he is praying that Obama get brain cancer, dies, and goes to hell. Naturally I emailed him again (and again) until his mail server could accept the message (it was full all day). Hopefully God will convict his heart and he will see the heart of Jesus who wants all to be come to repentance and be saved.

Jimmy Purchase

Maybe it's just a bait and switch...

Seriously, what a shame....but do you expect from a church that believes the KJV is the inherent word of God... we all know that's the ESV lol!

hope you're doing well.




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